15 December 2017

DESIGNER - kati-marika

I have another Finnish designer to showcase again today with the work of Kati-Marika VihermakiI spotted Kati-Marika's Christmas cards at online store Weecos (more from them in the next post) and decided see what else she was up to. Kati-Marika studied Graphic Design at University in Helsinki, graduating in 2011, and now works as a freelance illustrator and is open to all kinds of interesting new projects.


Our Friday eye candy this week comes from Weecos, a sustainable online shopping site from Finland. Weecos enables designers from all over the world to showcase their wares via it's well designed platform and I've picked out a few highlights from my recent browsing session here. Scroll down for prints and patterns on everything from cards, cushions, and wallpaper to clothing, calendars and tea towels. 

14 December 2017

DESIGNER - emily muschinske

Artist Emily Muschinske is doing holiday design challenge on Instagram that is a bit different. Because Emily is half Jewish she can’t call it an advent, and her designs include Hanukkah. But she is posting a festive design everyday and says she is attracted to more secular, inclusive takes on holiday art. Find Emily on Instagram here.

If you like her style you can also check out Emily Muschinske's portfolio website online here...