27 April 2017

SURTEX 2017 - jill mcdonald

Jill McDonald will be at Surtex for her 14th year of showing!. Jill's collection features a variety of painted, collaged and limited color prints.  As usual Jill is visiting universal themes but with her own twist, colour sense and sometimes humour. Jill will have a wide array of conversationals for boys and girls, seasonal art, florals and much more in booth 3029 and you'll find some gorgeous work online here.

SURTEX 2017 - elizabeth silver

Elizabeth Silver has been working hard creating fresh prints and illustrations for Surtex and Licensing Expo! Her agency Jewel Branding will have a booth at both shows exhibiting Elizabeth's newest work.This artwork is all available for license, but she is also happy to accept commissioned/freelance work as well. See more from Elizabeth's portfolio online here.

SURTEX 2017 - the patterned peacock

Designer Dana Saulnier will be exhibiting at Surtex next month under the name of her studio 'The Patterned Peacock'. Her booth will have a forest picnic theme featuring Dana's latest juvenile and character art and food illustrations. Find The Patterned Peacock in booth 3044 and online here.

SURTEX 2017 - kelly kratzing

Kelly Kratzing will be making her Surtex debut this year. Kelly is based in Melbourne, Australia and describes her work as 'classic with a twist'. She will be represented at the show by Nerida Hansen Print and Textiles in booth 3017.

26 April 2017

BLUEPRINT 2017 - pencil parade

The members of Pencil Parade, have never met in person but they have experienced the closeness of regular friendships since early 2015 and support each other in their art making. After being together since taking Make Art that Sells courses two years ago, designers Katherine Lenius, Betsy Siber, Megan Dunagan, and Brooke Glaser have crafted pattern and design portfolios that they are extremely proud of. In May, they're taking a very scary, exciting, and intentional step of exhibiting at their first trade show, Blue Print in New York - and importantly, they'll be able to get together in person. While they are looking forward to a successful show, they're also excited that art brought them together as friends from across the US and Australia. Here we have some flyers and showpieces but please visit Pencil Parade online to see more.

SURTEX 2017 - lizzie clark designs

A graphic designer for more than 15 years, Lizzie Clark Designs will debut at Surtex in 2017. Inspired by nature, creating patterns that are representational and abstract, drives her daily creative practice. Seeing her patterns add beauty to functional everyday items such as wallpaper, pillows, aprons, chairs etc. brings Lizzie joy. Her palette leans toward bold, rich colors whether for a kitchen theme or something from the garden. Find Lizzie in Booth 3041 and online here.