30 March 2015

EASTER 2015 - john lewis

With just four days to go before the Easter Holidays I will be posting various card designs. We begin the week with a selection from John Lewis where these designs from Peggy Oliver caught my eye. John Lewis are also stocking vintage designs by John Hanna from publishers Pigment Productions, Caroline Gardner, The Art File, and Kirstie Allsop. The John Lewis website is actually quite bad at crediting the cards to their various publishers instead often using the range name as brand which makes it quite confusing - but you would be sure to find something you like online here.

EASTER 2015 - john lewis decorations

John Lewis also have a fab range of decorations, egg hunt kits, paper plates, napkins etc. by Talking Tables which are all very colourful and beautifully illustrated.

27 March 2015

SHOWCASE - art & business of surface design

Today we have a really interesting showcase of patterns from the students on the Art & Business of Surface Design online E-Course run by designer Rachael Taylor. The ABSPD attracts a global audience with students taking part from all over the world and you can find emerging artists who all show great potential and have a passion for colour and pattern. Print & Pattern offers an annual scholarship for a free place on all modules of the course. The January Module 3 class finished recently and features in our first selection of designs starting with Ginette Guiver above and Micala Duvoux below. The next module 3 class runs from April 13 2015 for anyone interested in trying it out.
 Below : Cheena Kaul
 Below : Elise Chevry.
 Below : Sandrine Monier
 Below : Siobhan Watt.
 Below : Lara Georgine Nedeltscheff
 Below : Claire Wilson.
Below : Lesley Young Behance |Facebook
And below we have selection from the students on Round 8 Module 2 the next round of which also starts on April 13 2015. The first print below is by Cathy Nordstrรถm of Studio Lilla Form.
 Below : Elizabeth Kitching
 Below : Joanna Sieter.
 Below : Jane Kirkpatrick
 Below : Tamzen Brewster.
 Below : Christianne Possmayer. 
 Below : Madeline Ritchie
 Below : Kizzie Johnston
 Below : Tara Langlois,
 Below : Jennifer L. Wambach.
 Below : Lucy Essex.
 Below : Fizah Malik.
 Below : Pippa Shaw.
 Below : Jocelyn Proust.
Below : Stephanie Davies.